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When did work become a four-letter word?

High-IQ/Low-EQ leaders, command-and-control management, us-versus-them atmospheres, mundane meetings, micro- and macro-aggressions galore, passive-aggressive peers, power-hungry colleagues, infectious disengagement, rungless career ladders, disconnected departments, toxic teams, and one-size-fits-none cultures are defining features of the kind of work environment that far too many of us recognize.

A third way?

Too many people don’t like their jobs, don’t feel aligned with what they’re doing, and don’t feel connected to the people they work with. 

Every day, they go to work watching the clock and looking forward to the weekend.

They don’t believe fulfillment and personal satisfaction is possible at work. Even worse, it is not the place where they can bring their full selves to work; they feel compelled to “check their differences” at the door. 

When people withhold themselves from contributing fully, they eventually get out, get by, get even, or get over.

It’s clear that “the way we’re working isn’t working.” 
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of global employees are disengaged at work

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is the estimated annual costs of disengagement to US companies

0 %

of employees feel pressure to “cover” some facet of their identity at work

0 %

of US workers think they are modern workaholics

0 %

of organizations have an inclusive culture

0 %

of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated


I’m Eric, the founder, CEO, Chief Transformation Officer (CTO), change agent, D&I catalyst, coach, consultant, learning facilitator, and visionary behind  Eric Polite & Associates. 

Every day we work with leaders like you and organizations like yours toward a vision of “work” where collaboration is the norm, not the exception; where the best thinking can emerge, where silent voices can be heard, where conflict is treated as a gift, and where curiosity is encouraged and nurtured

Our Mission

We exist to catalyze personal transformation and social change by unleashing the inherent potential residing in all individuals, teams, and organizations to transform their work, their workplace, and the world.

Why us?

Transforming potential into reality is the soul of creativity and innovation; the aspiration of every leader, team, and organization, and the core of our work as a super-skilled team of change agents, coaches, facilitators, educators, creatives, and consultants.

I founded  Eric Polite & Associates as the antidote to the disease of distraction (aka Shiny Object Syndrome), superficial client relationships, smile sheets, overpriced (and underwhelming) programs, pseudo-science people solutions, “snake oil” consultants, and transactional diversity work.

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